JuliaStrip1For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an affinity and a love for both art and music. This has actually worked out well in that I’ve noticed a symbiotic relationship between the two. When I’m having a painting day, sometimes I’ll sit down at the piano and play for a little while. This recharges me and reinvigorates the painting muse, giving me stamina to create more artwork.

I’ve always derived great enjoyment from playing the piano and would love the opportunity to share that with you by playing the piano at your event. I play classical, standards, jazz and show tunes; however, I am always willing to accommodate special requests.

In addition to painting and playing the piano, I enjoy cooking, gardening, old photo booths, collecting vintage photographs, learning foreign languages and speaking in funny accents. Hey! Maybe I’ll finally get around to trying my hand at improv!

In addition to being available as a pianist for your event, I paint faces which comes in especially handy if you are planning events and parties which include children.

Why “Green Ceiling Studio”? Well… one day while preparing to work on a painting, I had trouble getting anything to come out of a tube of green oil paint. Suddenly, the paint shot up and hit the ceiling – SPLAT! And the name of the studio was born. (The other 99% of my ceiling is actually white!)

My background in music includes countless years of piano lessons and more recently I’ve taken voice lessons. I’ve been playing professionally for more than 25 years at various venues.  On the visual side of things, I studied privately with Minerva Broh and hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Syracuse University.